The joys of a new bed

So my little boy isn’t that little any more, he’s now nearly 8 yrs old and a bloomin’ monster…he’s as tall as the 10 yr olds in his school.  So it was no surprise that he has grown out of his kids bed…not necessarily because he’s too long, but it’s one that sits only about 2cm off the ground (and to be fair it really annoyed me to have to get up off the bed when it was that low) and looked childish.  So when my mother suggested I have her old bed as she was getting a bigger one, yes I said…no problem.  It took quite a while of shifting toys and dirt around his room in order to make space and get rid of the old one which actually fell apart a day before the new one arrived.,’s that for timing!?

Jamie slept on a futon mattress for a couple of nights in a rather good den, with sheet over the top and everything, until the new bed arrived..  Rather good.  Memory foam mattress (granted, not the bed one but still good), and properly off the ground so I don’t have to heave to get up after saying goodnight to him.  Phew.

Rather amusingly he can’t really jump on this new bed, as it’s memory foam so it sort of sticks when he jumps rather than bounces!!  Ha….foiled..

So all in all a good move, he now has to jump up into bed and I don’t have to break my back each night.  All his toys have given the nod of approval too, and he’s already wet the bed so it’s well and truly broken in…yey.

This blog was written by Children’s photographer London Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP