15 yr old boys and photography

Photographing Teenagers

So I never signed up to having an extra man in the house, I signed up to children…so what on earth happened?  My eldest has turned into a hairy, gruff, smelly man, who really just wants to be left alone by his very annoying parents.  It’s a far cry from the needy cuddly child he was, although thankfully he is still huggy.

It’s now that I wish we had a bigger house to allow our children/men! to have their own space but as it is they only have their rooms as their territory and consequently we never see Sam.  He does seem to be reasonably happy though, as long as you can catch him in a good time and be very careful not to overdo the love!!

He is currently doing GCSE Mocks and you can tell he’s rather fed up.  Not much I can do on that front though except hugs and food.  Lots of cornflake cakes seem to help !

Business is good though and I’m getting a lot out of the running of it.  I want to get more outdoor family photoshoots as it’s so much more fun for me to get out and about with kids.  They are so much more relaxed than in the studio.  My son is rather camera shy now so it too quite a lot of effort to get some images of him recently in the west london studio.

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